Unlocked Frustrations

John R. on Swappa
John R.

I am tempted to try an unlocked phone, but remain suspicious of the uniform optimism I read on the internet. My nephew had an unlocked flip phone 10 years ago and it could not connect to all the towers available. And what about the Bloatware; Does that crap stay with the phone? Please share your stories with me now so I wont be shocked later. Thanks, John

Laura M. on Swappa
Laura M.

Unlocked means it can be used with any carrier's plan just by changing SIM cards. It can even be used internationally. As long as you pick a carrier with good service in your area, It will work perfectly. The only reason companies lock phones is to keep people in contracts.

C.K. on Swappa

John, I believe in the example of iPhones, the Swappa marketplace rules REQUIRE the phone to be completely wiped and unlocked in order to be sold on this website. If you receive an iPhone that is not, then I believe you would be entitled to a refund and the seller would be at fault, you wouldn't lose any money in that case.

So in terms of bloatware, it should be the same as if you bought a retail phone.

What phone are you interested in?

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