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MaxMal on Swappa

It's probably true that Swappa fees are competitive, so this is not about Swappa. I know I must be naïve, yet I am a bit disappointed to see the final net amounts: item listed for $523, buyer paid $571 (taxe+buyers fee), I received $486 ($20 Paypal fee (??) + $15 Swappa fee). Add $15 shipping and I netted $470. That is a difference of $100 between buyer and seller, about 20% of the cost of the item. It's like when you go to a restaurant and look at the menu, you have to add about 25% to the list price because of taxes and tips.

Trent D. on Swappa
Trent D.

I agree. The calculator they give you when listing the price of your item is not very clear and confused me. I got a considerable amount less than my listed price after sale, fees and shipping.

It's much higher than I remember it being in the past when selling items on Swappa.

Nathan T on Swappa
Nathan T

What you're stating is true, but everything on top of the $523 is paid by the buyer and isn't owed to you anyway. So looking at the difference between what the buyer pays and what you receive isn't really relevant. The only part that really matters is what comes out of the $523, which is the 3% seller's fee and then PayPal's fee, which is roughly 3.5% of the transaction total. And you're correct, it's definitely still competitive, especially knowing you can actually reach some humans to help out if need be.

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