Payment hold on Paypal end; PP says to not ship until I hear from them


Hi long time user, but I just sold my first item on Swappa (a laptop) and Paypal put a hold on the payment. On the Paypal end, they say "The review can take up to 48 hours. Please don't ship this item until you hear from us."

So should I wait to ship until I hear back from Paypal, even if it's beyond the the shipping timeframe that Swappa says I should ship by?


i should also note, this appears to have been a purchase being shipped to a Kenya freight forwarder.

The purchaser (who signed up the same day as the sale) did not ask for my permission to use a forwarding service, so can I cancel this sale? I don't feel comfortable with this sale

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Swappa Staff

Hey there! Thank you for reaching out regarding the PayPal payment hold.

You are correct. If PayPal states that you should not ship the item yet, please wait until you hear back from PayPal before shipping the item in order to remain eligible for PayPal seller protections.

If you haven't heard back from PayPal within 48 hours, please reach out to PayPal customer support and ask them if the review can be expedited. Please also leave a content on your private sale page letting the buyer (and Swappa staff) know about the issue. Make sure to click the "Swappa I need help" button to alert Swappa staff when you leave your comment.

You also mentioned in your followup message that the international buyer did not ask for permission prior to purchasing the item. You have grounds to cancel the sale, as our policy requires international buyers to ask for permission prior to ordering.

If you wish to cancel your sale, please either create a ticket using our Help Desk or leave a comment on your private sale page with the "Swappa I need help" checkbox ticked.

Terence C. on Swappa
Terence C.

Ignore that advise, just cancel the sale. Freight forwarders are synonymous with scammers.

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