Time to clear payment?

Deepak K. on Swappa
Deepak K.

I sold a phone on swappa. How much time it takes to clear payment? My first time guys.

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hey there, Deepak!

First off, congrats on selling your phone on Swappa!

As for your payment: Although the majority of PayPal transactions are instantaneous, PayPal occasionally places a hold on the seller's payment. In most cases, these PayPal holds last a couple of days after delivery. However, this can occasionally be as long as 21 days or longer.

According to PayPal Support, PayPal most frequently enacts holds for first-time sellers, sellers who haven't sold in a while, sellers with an unusual or altered selling pattern, or sellers with disputes on record.

Unfortunately, PayPal is solely responsible for these payment holds -- and it is up to them to release them. However, if the package has been delivered, the hold should be lifted in a matter of days. I suggest reaching out to PayPal support if you wish to expedite the release of your funds.

Learn more about PayPal payment holds on the Swappa blog: Why is PayPal holding my money?

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