List of inexpensive phones that will work with T-Mobile after this year?

Robin D. on Swappa
Robin D.

When I ask, I'm told I can submit the IMEI to find out. Well I don't have a new phone, yet, so I don't know what's going to work!?

I know the phone I have now will not work, because it's sprint, and even know it worked with tmobile years ago as an unlocked phone, it's not a legitimate tmobile phone, so now they have ways to just shut that whole thing down.

I'm pretty sure the Galaxy S10 works since one of t-mobile's MVNOs is selling it with a warranty and a plan, so that's what I've been looking at, but I'd love to spend less on something that can at least shoot 4K video and has a decent battery.

Dietrich on Swappa

I'm on T-mobile, I'd recommend you look for a device that has 5G capability. From a network standpoint that will ensure a long service life. I bought an LG V60 for $240 a month ago. it's pretty much the cheapest Snapdragon 865 on the market. Only downside is the large size of the phone. The Samsung S10 5G is a pretty good device as well. It has a Snapdragon 855, just make sure that you look at the 5G version. The Pixel 4a 5G or newer is a pretty good phone line, they were more of mid-range device when released. They're not very powerful when it comes to gaming, but the photos are excellent.

Robin D. on Swappa
Robin D.

Hey thanks for the response!

Yeah, I was looking at the V60, but they dropped the telephoto camera. The battery life was pretty sweet, though. Depending on prices when I absolutely have to buy a new phone, I might pick up a V60, anyway.

The V50 has the tele, but I've been seeing reports of all IMEIs of that phone being blacklisted by tmob.

The V40 is still "acceptable" as I think it has the tele and 6GB RAM. Poor battery life, however, from what I read. And, like all iphones, it only has USB 2 behind that shiny USB C connector, which is literally retarded in the true, scientific meaning of that word, and is a huge reason I won't consider an iphone.

Looked at the S10+ because it has the telephoto, 960FPS slow-mo, and has a card slot(RIP on newer Galaxy models). Possibly better spare parts availability, too.

Sure wish phones didn't have goofy curved OLEDs. I miss the days when I could replace a phone screen with a $25 - $50 LCD... Whatever phone I get is unlikely to be as durable as the LG V20 I have, now. I've dropped it so many times, many of which I "saved" it by slapping it into the wall with my lightning fast reflexes! No new phone could survive what this one's been through.

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