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Paul A. on Swappa
Paul A.

In November, I purchased a mint condition Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ via Swappa. The phone came with a wall charger and separate USB-C cable in the box. When I attach the charger, the phone screen shows it is fast charging with an anticipated of time of charging of 1-2 hours. However, during the day, it takes 6-7 hours during normal, non-heavy usage to charge the phone from around 20% to 70%. Overnight, I have my phone on Do Not disturb and it is full charged in the morning. The battery doesn't run down easily but I sometimes need to recharge under heavy usage conditions. This has been an ongoing issue since my purchase. Any recommendations as to the issue and remedy?

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hey Paul!

First off, thank you for finding your Note 10+ on Swappa! I hope that everything was as expected, aside from the charging speed issue. As for the charging speed, there could be several reasons for this -- but the first place I would look is the charger.

Sellers aren't required to bundle accessories like chargers with used items. So unless the listing explicitly mentioned that the item comes with its original charger, it is possible that the charger you received doesn't fully support fast charging on your device.

From what I can tell, Samsung uses 45W USB Power Delivery for fast charging on the Note 10+. Samsung sells the official Note 10+ 45W charger (3A current rating) on their website. However, I suspect you will likely be able to find something far cheaper that still supports USB PD 45W by shopping elsewhere. That said, I don't own a Note, so I would be hesitant to recommend specific chargers that I haven't tried myself.

Paul A. on Swappa
Paul A.

Thanks for your reply. I contacted the seller and he said the included charger was just a standard wall charger. He also said the phone will learn my charging routine and I'll see an improvement. However my older S 8+ has the same charging algorithm and it charges up quick, always has. I like you suggestion and will look for a 45 watt PD charger. Funny, none of my Google searches nor Samsung's support page mentioned your suggestion.

Thanks, you have helped!

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