Recommendations of a Touchscreen Laptop?

Hannah M. on Swappa
Hannah M.

Hi - I am having the most frustrating time trying to find a used touchscreen laptop for a friend who wants one that is preferably under $800 that has black or dark-colored keys. The main reasons for this specific type of laptop are that her eyesight isn't so good and finds dark-colored keys with either white or backlighting easier to read plus she would like the ability to touch the screen and enlarge things there instead of being forced to rely on using the keyboard for everything. Anyone's recommendations is so appreciated!

Hannah M. on Swappa
Hannah M.

Oh and at the same time, it would be great if it is a laptop that does NOT have to be connected to the internet in order to log in or to function. I recall helping another friend buy a Chromebook not realizing that you need the internet to pretty much do anything. It was a real bummer for her and I felt bad advising her to get a computer that was useless without being connected online.

Calyan C. on Swappa
Calyan C.

A surface go or surface laptop

Dietrich on Swappa

I own a surface laptop 2 & surface laptop go. both are great simple devices and can be bought in the colors of the keys you like. It's windows, there's no requirement to be online anytime the computer is used unless you're using a web based service.

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