How to test Quality of old phone.

Les W. on Swappa
Les W.

I have a Pixel 2XL and would like to test the quality, battery life, service, what ever else... before trying to sell it.

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hey there, Les!

That's a fantastic question. Thank you for making sure that your device is fully functional before trying to sell it!

Here's a short list of what to check for before selling an older phone:

  1. Check for physical damage on the device body or screen -- look for cracks in the screen or housing, dents, and other issues
  2. Check the phone's IMEI using Swappa's Free IMEI checker to make sure it's not blocklisted
  3. Fully charge the phone and make sure the battery life is adequate
  4. Test the cameras, microphone, and speaker by taking a video with both the front and rear facing cameras
  5. Make a phone call if it's still connected to your wireless network -- otherwise, make a video call through Google Meet, Skype, or some equivalent
  6. Test additional functionality such as Bluetooth, GPS, and the fingerprint scanner

After verifying that your phone is fully functional, make sure to perform a factory reset to remove your Google account and personal data from the device.

Once all that's done, make sure to Sell on Swappa. After all, Swappa gets you the most for your used Pixel, but we only take fully functional devices!

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