iPhone 8 A1863- compatibility?

Blossom B. on Swappa
Blossom B.

I am looking to buy an iPhone 8 but see there are different models. I need on that is compatible with Cricket wireless if I get an unlocked one. Does it matter what model I get as long as it is unlocked?

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hi there, Blossom! Thank you for finding your way to our forums!

As long as you buy an unlocked iPhone 8, it will work on any US carrier with compatible bands. But this is where things can get a tiny bit confusing if you're not careful.

The iPhone 8 was available in the US in two versions: A1863 and A1905.

  • A1863 is also referred to as the GSM+CDMA model, and it works on all US carriers (including AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon's legacy 3G network)
  • A1905 is also known as the GSM-only version, and it does not offer support for Verizon's legacy 3G CDMA network.

Both versions fully support US GSM networks (including AT&T, which Cricket uses as its host network). However, going with an unlocked A1863 is the safer choice in case you ever wish to switch to Verizon (or an MVNO carrier that uses Verizon's network as its host network).

Hope this helps!

[To learn even more about iPhone network compatibility, check out our unlocked iPhone compatibility guide.]

Blossom B. on Swappa
Blossom B.

Thank you @Will Verduzco. That is very helpful info.

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