us flex reseller policy

Raj Dekat on Swappa
Raj Dekat

does this policy allow activation on verizon's mvno providers like redpocket?

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hi Raj!

What a great question. Unfortunately, I don't know for sure. However, I suspect that it may vary from phone to phone and MVNO to MVNO.

I would suggest calling your MVNO provider (Red Pocket) and asking them if anyone has ever tried using a Flex Policy (SIM OUT) phone on their network -- and what happens to the phone's carrier lock status afterward.

Another route you could take is to ask them whether you can just use a locked phone intended for the host network that you're looking to use. (For reference, Red Pocket operates on all major US networks: AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile.)

Alternatively, you can skip the guesswork and just pick up any unlocked phone here on Swappa. If it's an iPhone and you're concerned about wireless bands and supported networks, check out our unlocked iPhone compatibility guide.

Raj Dekat on Swappa
Raj Dekat

I did call red pocket and they said they need IMEI to validate but not sure if sellers here will provide that

Judging by your post, it seems unlocked phones should have no problem working with any and all MVNO's and are safer than going with phones in the Verizon category even though I do plan to choose red pocket cdma which will be based on the Verizon network. Basically what I'm asking is what's better - unlocked vs Verizon phone on swappa for me?


Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Personally, if I were in your situation, I'd feel much safer getting an unlocked phone just because that is compatible with any carrier -- so long as its hardware supports the frequencies and bands used by the network. Plus, you also have the freedom of taking your phone with you to any other carrier, whenever a new deal pops up.

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