Do you prefer small or large phones?

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Let's face it -- size matters when it comes to smartphones.

People have different size pockets and different size hands, so "one size fits all" definitely does not apply to smartphones. But with phones getting bigger and bigger each year, it's sometimes hard to find a good, small phone.

Are you a fan of large phones and phablets like the iPhone 13 Pro Max and Galaxy Note 20 -- or do you prefer smaller phones like the iPhone 13 mini? What about something in between, like a Galaxy S20 or iPhone 13 / 13 Pro?

Al on Swappa

I like small phone big screen . The mini is a good example but it’s too small . The 11pro , x , xs are good ratios.

Dustin M. on Swappa
Dustin M.

I used to really enjoy small phones when I had the iPhone 4s many years ago, but with a OnePlus 7T, I enjoy the larger size and can't picture myself going back.

Robert Nelson on Swappa
Robert Nelson

I used to carry a phone when I ran, so having a smaller phone was just easier. But now my Apple Watch allows me to run without a phone (and still feel connected in case of an emergency), so I'm a bit more open to larger phones.

Nate T. on Swappa
Nate T.

The 13 Mini is my favorite phone in a long time b/c it corrected the few weaknesses of the 12 Mini. I don't consume much media on my phones, so generally I prefer smaller if the battery life is decent.

As much as I love the 13 Mini, the aspect ratio does feel a bit cramped at times. Because of that, I agree with Aaron above as well - I think the 11p/X/Xs were the perfect size. The 12/13, even though technically only a little larger, to me they feel quite a bit larger than the 11p/X/Xs.

henry w. on Swappa
henry w.

I used to use nothing but big phones but now I'm at the point where I don't care what size it is as long as it's beyond 5.5"

Eric J. on Swappa
Eric J.

The bigger, the better. I have the Note 20 Ultra at 6.9" because it's the biggest one I know of, but if there's a bigger one, I'll probably buy it.

Austin N. on Swappa
Austin N.

I bounce back and forth between a moderate sized screen (think iPhone 12 size) and large phablet sized devices such as the Note series.

I tend to really enjoy how the smaller phones feel in the hand, but the natural readability of the larger screens works better for me when I don't have my contacts in (or glasses on).

Galaxy Tech Review on Swappa
Galaxy Tech Review

I used to like bigger screens (and should as I get older because of my eyesight) but honestly.. lately I have wanted a smaller device for one handed usage, getting to be a pain in the butt to try and use a S21 ultra one handed, if I am just picking it up real quick to check out something.


Larger phones bc I can’t see

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