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Kim K. on Swappa
Kim K.

Hi. I'm Kim and was introduced to swappa by a friend. I'm interested in an iphone 11, pro, or pro max, but am concerned that any parts used to refurbish are genuine apple. How can I certify this? Thanks in advance.

Riley C. on Swappa
Riley C.

Hi Kim,

The majority of the phones here on Swappa are not refurbished but instead are only pre-owned. Any phone that has only been pre-owned is likely to have been bought new by the owner, and there is no need for concern about parts with these devices.

My advice is to use your judgement in choosing who you buy from. All devices on Swappa also have their IMEIs checked, so stress about stolen or jailbroken phones shouldn't be a concern either.

As far as certifying whether or not a refurbished device was, in fact, refurbished by Apple goes, the easiest way to do that is to work with the seller on proof of purchase or warranties from Apple.

Simple BuyBack on Swappa
Simple BuyBack

Most sellers will post if any repairs have been made and if any aftermarket parts have been used, but some sellers chose not to disclose any repairs. I suggest that you ask the seller to ensure that the phone has OEM parts or not, in the odd chance you do receive a phone that has let's say an aftermarket screen then you can request a return since the item is not as described. When we sell phones on swappa that need to be repaired/refurbished before they are ready for resale we only use OEM parts.

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