How to unlock iPhone 8

hamid r. on Swappa
hamid r.

How to unlock iphone 8 at&t

Nihaal M. on Swappa
Nihaal M.

As long as the phone is fully paid off and was bought through ATT then you should be able to just call them and request an unlock.

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Hi, Hamid! It's pretty easy to get your iPhone 8 unlocked.

As Nihaal mentioned above, the easiest way is to call your wireless carrier and ask them to unlock your phone for use on another carrier. US carriers are required by the FCC to unlock your phone for free as long as a few criteria are met:

  • You have completed your wireless service contract or paid an early termination fee
  • You have finished paying for your phone

[Learn more about unlocking your iPhone on our blog: Unlocked Phone Buyer's Guide]

In addition, if you're planning on switching carriers, you'll want to make sure that your iPhone 8 supports the the bands used by your new network. Check out our Unlocked iPhone Compatibility Guide to learn more about which iPhone 8 models support which carriers.

knucklebusted on Swappa

Unlocking an iPhone that is paid off is pretty easy. Just go to the AT&T unlock portal to get started by typing the IMEI. I've done several and it is all automated with no need to call or chat if it goes well.

MN Mobile Guy on Swappa
MN Mobile Guy

Are you referring to a SIM unlock, or to a different type of unlock?

Meridel M. on Swappa
Meridel M.

iPhones are designed so that you can't unlock them yourself if you forget your password. This was done for security purposes. I liked it before I forgot my password and couldn't access my iPhone. I had to call their service center to help me. Later I bought a new phone and forgot my password again a week later. Attempts to unlock it were in vain, so I decided to try unlock Verizon phone at special services based on it. It worked! If you don't have access to your phone, contact the companies that will help you unlock it.

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