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It’s no secret that Swappa has the best deals on gently used tech. No matter what you’re looking for, buying on Swappa saves you cash.

But some deals are better than others, and we want to hear about your best finds!

Share your best Swappa savings story below, and we’ll randomly pick a few winners and send out limited edition Swappa t-shirts!

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Kaiyu S. on Swappa
Kaiyu S.

Got a basically new pixelbook go for $355, almost 50% off.

Galaxy Tech Review on Swappa
Galaxy Tech Review

I got a Apple iPad Pro 10.5" WITH LTE for 389$ mint condition, like it just came out of the box, in 2019 saved like half the cost if I were to buy brand new!

Love swappa been a member since 2013!

Luke @ Galaxy Tech Review

Mark M. on Swappa
Mark M.

I got my recent phone, a Pixel 4a (the latest in my string of four since joining) for $275. It's not the cheapest, but it's the BEST so far since joining four years ago...and, I've been Swappan'n ever since!

Chris H. on Swappa
Chris H.

I just bought a Mint Pixel 4a for $299 with box, cable and charger. Not a single scratch on it. Looks brand new. I wasn't sure about ordering here, but glad I did. My brother is looking for a new phone and we'll be ordering through Swappa for sure. The 4a is an excellent phone for the money BTW.

Drew S. on Swappa
Drew S.

I bought a Galaxy S9 a few months before the S21 came out. The trade-in was pretty much worth an S21 to T-Mobile (paid a small bump for extra storage). All in, I think I came away with a $200 s21. Great deal, even if I miss the S9 enough to go grab another one. I may!

danger_mouse on Swappa

I bought my first swappa item for a friend in 2018, a Macbook Pro (2017 version). What an amazing deal, at only $1035! 8 phones and tablets later, I finally got to buy my 13" 2013 Macbook laptop in 2019 for a whooping $400. It was listed as Good, but it came in the original apple box, never opened, with everything new... I was so happy.

All my friends joined Swappa and I can't blame them – what else to do when there are such genuine products and friendly people on here?

Pete P. on Swappa
Pete P.

I finally stopped playing games with the big guys and got great quality used OnePlus 6t's off of Swappa. Since I am the unofficial IT guy in my family I bought 5 of them and now I have my parents, and in-laws using them. So easy to tech support when everyone has the same phone. It's hard to beat an 8-core, 8Gb with 128Gb of ram machine that works wonders! I try to purchase from people because they will usually include OEM rapid chargers and maybe covers etc. Will not look any other place for phones. This site started with XDA developers selling on it and for that you should know it can be trusted.

Eva W. on Swappa
Eva W.

I am new here and want to buy a tablet. How soon do I have to confirm to the seller if the product is working as it should be upon receiving the item? Thank you.

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