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Why is the iPhone 8 so slippery?

Robert N. on Swappa
Swappa Staff

When the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus came out in 2017, people complained about it being very slippery. This was due to the iPhone 8 featuring glass on the front and back -- the first time Apple had done this since the iPhone 4S. Previous iPhones, like the iPhone 7, had an aluminum back that wasn’t as slippery.

The iPhone 8 glass back may have felt slippery upon release, but it’s something that people have gotten comfortable with since newer models of the iPhone have all had glass backs.

Are you a fan of glass-back phones, or do you want something a bit sturdier and drop resistant?

Dele. on Swappa

Still not a fan of glass back Aside from the fact they make repairs more expensive and significantly reduce the second hand value of your phone

They are very very slippery and in my opinion adds nothing to the aesthetics of the phone because we’re going to slap a case on it either way

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Will Verduzco

Such a great point that I think a lot of people fail to consider: resale value!

Nobody wants a cracked phone. Might as well keep it intact, so you can sell it for more when you upgrade!

Jonny V on Swappa
Jonny V

I had an iPhone 4 and then a 4S consecutively. I had the 4S for 4 years, I left it on iOS 6.1.x most of that time. I think that was my best iPhone experience I loved the animation for iOS 6 and the phone was to me, simply smart looking especially with the white glass on the back. I always kept it in a Otterbox Defender case. I still have the parts of the case, I got replacement parts for it for several years and I still have the belt holster.

I like that the iPhone 8 is a return to this style, and I can probably use some of my iPhone 6S plus cases, otherwise I will try to find a new case that will fit. I like the look of my 6S plus from the front but the back is aluminum. I liked the style of iPhones up until the 5S, the 5S was when they started changing- the back of the 5S was not completely glass, mine is Gold plated. I always thought it was a smart looking phone and I wish there were a way to get it to perform as well as it did when it had iOS 7 on it. It ran great until 8.4 recently I updated it to iOS 12 and it is a night and day difference in performance. Same thing with my 6S plus, I left it on iOS 9 as long as I could but finally I had no choice. It is not as perceptively lightning fast as it used to be when it was brand new on iOS 9.3.3.

I think the only problem with the glass backed devices is that sometimes as a battery gets old it will get “fat“, and it will start pushing up against the front and back of the device. This happened to my 5S, so that the touchscreen bulged out. When I finally replaced that battery, the original battery was almost as thick as my pinky.

There was one day that my 4S fell from the couch and it hit something on the way down, it took out a small piece of the raised lip on the edge of the front piece. It was imperceptible damage but still it really upset me, I have always kept every single one of my iPhones and iPads in immaculate condition.

I’ve also dropped my 5S several times, but the protuberance is not as pronounced at the edge of the touchscreen as it was on the front and back of the 4S. That was one of the design factors I liked about the 4S.

This is mostly why I just ordered an 8S+, it was A return toward that iPhone 4/4S style. but then with the iPhone X, they steered away from that design completely with the removal of the home button/fingerprint reader. I found the iPhone X style too difficult to navigate. Need that home button.

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