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Location: Trexlertown, PA United States US

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Apple iPhone 13 Pro - Unlocked, Graphite, 512 GB, A2483

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Good  • Unlocked  • Graphite  • 512 GB

All parts are original. 30 Days Warranty! 9/10, 86% Battery Health, Apple 12W Charger&Usb cable.

$ 548

Apple iPhone 13 Pro - Unlocked, Graphite, 512 GB, A2483

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Good  • Unlocked  • Graphite  • 512 GB

All parts are original. 30 Days Warranty! 9/10, 90% Battery Health, Apple 12W Charger&Usb cable.

$ 553

Apple iPhone 13 Pro - Unlocked, Green, 256 GB, A2483

Apple iPhone 13 Pro

Good  • Unlocked  • Green  • 256 GB

All parts are original. 30 Days Warranty! 9.5/10, 86% Battery Health. Apple 12W Charger&Usb cable.

$ 533


Welcome to our store-OriginF! The right store to serve you and the right product for you with a good price and good quality! We are a family small seller. We used to sell locally on Craigslist, and also selling on eBay and Amazon which we are top rated. We just found out it’s really a happy thing to see customers happy face when they are satisfied with our products. This really made us decide to sell more in other places. That's why here we are at Swappa---now being our best and happy place to sell! We tried a few first. We did not get what we expected. Actually we were disappointed by our sales, selling speed and profit at the beginning. We almost quit and tried other places too. but after keep trying, we found out our sales are gradually more and more on Swappa. We continuously got the customers’ opinions and good feedbacks and more encouragement. We realized how valuable our customers are. They are helping us, and giving us advises and good feedbacks to encourage us, and also provide us some ways to sell. We are so thankful that we met all our customers who have been such a big bless for us. They came along our way all the time till today. We cannot say we have succeeded already, but we are proud that our customers are always there for us. We are proud that when they left a good feedback, how beautiful we feel the world is. Even though we met some customers that were not happy with us, however, we learned from them a lot. They made us to try our best to do our job better. And when we solved the problem and they were finally happy, then we got released. We consider every customer’s satisfaction and happiness. Our goal is you happy, we happy. You satisfied, then we will be in peace. To us, like you our dearest customer, you are the #1 to us. So if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask us, you can always message us any time. We are always at the back of what we are selling till you are happy with it. Whatever you will experience, no worry! no afraid! We are always standing by to help you till your problem got resolved. To us, credit and trust is the first important thing! We are selling products for living, however, credit is our first thing to concern. Your trust is our proud! So welcome to our store, the store right for you, for your family, for your friends, for your neighbors, and for your relatives far away! Best of all, we really love Swappa customers nice and kind! Thank you all!

Shipping Policies

All orders will be shipped same business day or next business day at no cost. Express shipping is available with extra cost.

Return & Refund Policies

1. We have 30 days warranty. If you find any problems or don't like the item, you can request return for replacement or refund. Any return request because of any defects caused by the user would not be honored.

2. PLEASE RETURN WITHIN 10 DAYS, OTHERWISE YOU WILL BE CHARGED 10% RESTOCKING FEE. Do not use Fedex or UPS since they do not ship to P.O Box.


4. PLEASE WIPE ALL YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION OFF THE PHONE. ESPECIALLY: APPLE ID, PASS CODE, GOOGLE ID ACCOUNTS, EMAILS, OR ANYTHING OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION. THIS PROTECTS YOURSELF ALSO MAKE EASE TO US! Please include everything original in the return package including the phone, the charger and the usb cable. If any accessories were missing, it will be deducted from the total refund at reasonable cost. If Apple ID or passcode or google account in the phone and you do not provide information to release it, you would not get refund. THANK YOU VERY MUCH for your cooperations!

5. Please include your order number or your return slip in your package so your return can be recognized more easily and can be processed faster!

Thank you very much for being our valued customer! We look forward to serving you in the future!

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