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Omnipoint Mobility Solutions

Omnipoint Mobility Solutions

On Swappa since Feb. 9, 2021 (3 years, 3 months)

Location: Dallas United States US

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Apple iPhone Xr - T-Mobile, Red, 64 GB, A1984

Apple iPhone Xr

Good  • T-Mobile  • Red  • 64 GB


$ 190

Only 2 Left

Google Pixel 6 - T-Mobile, Black, 128 GB, 8 GB, GB7N6

Google Pixel 6

Good  • T-Mobile  • Black  • 128 GB


$ 180

Only 1 Left

Google Pixel 6 Pro - Verizon, Black, 128 GB, 12 GB, G8VOU

Google Pixel 6 Pro

Good  • Verizon  • Black  • 128 GB


$ 204

Only 1 Left


CSC Mechanical, LLC, (dba Omnipoint Mobility Solutions (OMS)) is a wholesale and retail consumer electronics company. We specialize in cell phones, tablets, wearables, and other small consumer electronics. We have shipped over 25,000 devices on most major e-comm platforms and have superior customer satisfaction ratings.

Business Information

Business Name: Omnipoint Mobility Solutions
Business Address:
7123 Azalea Ln
Dallas, TX 75230

Shipping Policies

I ship first class.

Express shipping is $45

I ship same day up till 3:00 PM central time weekdays. Weekend orders ship on Monday.

Express shipping is never refunded unless the package is late or doesn't arrive.

Return & Refund Policies

You may return the phone for any reason in the first 10 days after the sale is completed. You may also cancel a purchase before it ships. For all buyer's remorse returns and canceled orders there is a 10% restocking fee due partly to non-refundable fees I am charged by PayPal. After 10 days phones can only be returned for warranty claims. Expedited shipping costs are never refunded. You are also responsible for postage to return the phone.

If a phone is returned for a warranty claim, and the fault cannot be duplicated by OMS techs, the customer will have the choice of:
1. Accepting the phone back
2. Refund minus the 10% restocking fee.

Once a return is agreed to (via the message board on the Swappa app) the customer has 30 calendar days to return the phone. Any returns outside the 30 day period are not allowed and the phone will be returned to the customer.

Any phones returned in a degraded cosmetic condition will be rejected and returned to the customer.

For phones that have an unlockable bootloader there is no warranty if the software becomes corrupted. OMS cannot determine if a phone with an unlockable bootloader was altered by the user, therefore, there is NO WARRANTY regarding software of any phone with an unlockable bootloader.
90 day full functional warranty from date of sale. 100% of the repair, will be covered by OMS. OMS, by itself, will determine if a warranty claim is valid. Buyer is responsible for inbound shipping on warranty claims.

As OMS does not repair phones, if a device is determined to be a legitimate warranty claim, you will either receive a replacement device, or a refund, depending on the availability of inventory.

You are responsible for backing up the data on your device before you send it to us for a warranty claim. In the event you are unable or did not back up your data, OMS will make a reasonable effort to restore the device to allow for data to be recovered, however, OMS is not responsible for lost or unrecovered data even on a legitimate warranty claim. It is best practice and highly recommended to set a regular backup event of your phone to a cloud based storage solution or to a hard drive in the customer's possession to avoid loss of data should your phone become impaired for any reason beyond the ability to restore the data from the device, or in the event your device is lost or stolen.

Please note that OMS does not open phones, and therefore, we cannot determine if a phone has been opened by a previous owner. As such, OMS does not warranty any phone sold for water penetration damage. OMS does perform water damage assessments as thoroughly as possible without opening the device and guarantees that any device sold is free from water damage as can be determined through the examination of the device, evaluation through a thorough software aided function test, and finally thorough a lighted, visual aided examination of any potential water ingress points. Although the device may have come from the manufacturer with a water penetration warranty, OMS will not honor any claims of water penetration damage and highly recommends the customer do not immerse the device in to water at any time.

Failures outside of the 90 day warranty period are not covered by OMS.

Failures determined solely by OMS to be outside of covered warranties will not be covered by OMS. Failures such as, but not limited to, post-sale water damage, damage due to misuse or use in a harsh environment, and damage due to software changes in the product.

OMS works diligently to ensure the device ESN is clean. We use Phonecheck software and the GSX database to check the status of the ESN. Please note that the ESN status could change after we test it and sell the device. OMS always takes the phone back for a full refund if the ESN becomes impaired or the carrier locks it out.

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