Tips for selling a used phone on Swappa Local

Tips for selling a used phone on Swappa Local

We know local meetups to sell your used tech can be uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re selling on Swappa Local or other apps and services, it’s important that you’re properly prepared before meeting up with someone to sell your used goods. This will help ensure a quick, worry-free deal, while avoiding any issues or unnecessary awkwardness.

There are plenty of things to consider when selling your used phone online. This largely depends on the specific item you’re selling and where you plan on listing it. Before you meetup, here’s a quick checklist of things to do whenever you sell a used phone on Swappa Local.

Phones and tablets

✅ Make sure your device hasn’t been reported lost or stolen

You can only sell a device that actually belongs to you. Any device that’s been reported lost or stolen can prevent a buyer from activating it on their carrier’s network. When in doubt, use Swappa’s IMEI check to see if the device has been blocklisted.

✅ Make sure your device has been completely paid off

You can’t sell a device that you’re still making payments on. If you’re unsure, a quick call to your carrier will allow you to find out if your phone/tablet is still being financed. You’ll need to make sure the device has been completely paid off before you can sell it as this will prevent a buyer from activating the device on their network.

✅ Make sure your device is fully charged before meeting up

This probably sounds obvious, but it’s still vital to completing a sale. More than likely your buyer will want to test out the device to ensure everything is working properly. It’s also nice if your buyer can immediately begin using the device once the sale is completed.

✅ Make sure you bring everything included in your listing

Before you leave for your meetup, you always want to double check to ensure you have everything that was included in your listing. Whether it’s the USB cables, wall charger, or extra cases, your buyer is going to expect everything as advertised or you could risk losing the sale.

✅ Choose a Swappa-approved swap spot for meeting up

Swappa Local allows sellers to choose a safe, public locations, police stations, or even private businesses like Starbucks or repair shops for meeting up.

Swappa-approved “swap spots” are provided during the listing creation process and gives prospective buyers the ability to see a meetup location ahead of time. From there, a buyer can then decide whether or not they’d like to commit to the sale.

Sellers should also avoid scheduling late night meetups and notify a friend or family of their intention to sell a device locally before heading out. For more on Swappa Local swap spots, check out our FAQ page.

Other helpful tips…

✅ Add a selfie on your profile

People like to see exactly who they’re doing business with. To help increase the likelihood of a sale — and set yourself apart from anonymous sellers — upload a recent photo of yourself to your profile/avatar. This will also help your buyer identify you when meeting up in public.

✅ Restrict all communications to your Swappa sale page

On Swappa Local, we strongly advise that users restrict all communications to the sale page once an item has been purchased (as opposed to off-site emails or text messages). This ensures Swappa staff is kept the loop and helps us better resolve disputes should they arise.

✅ Give yourself plenty of time for the meetup

A cautious buyer will want to fully inspect the device you’re selling (something we’ve already detailed in a previous blog post) to ensure everything matches the listing. This may include popping in a SIM card to ensure the device is compatible with their carrier network. It’s just always wise to give yourself plenty of time to close the deal without any pressure, especially if you or your buyer is running late.


That’s all the is to it. We hope this post helps you whenever you decide to sell a used phone on Swappa Local. We know face-to-face meetups can be tricky, so it’s important you check all the boxes to ensure your meetup goes through without a hitch and you’re going home with extra money in your pocket.

Whether you’re looking to ship your used phone to a buyer across the country or meet with someone locally, Swappa has you covered. Hit the button below to get started or check out our blog post for a walkthrough on Swappa’s entire selling process.