Sell with Swappa

Swappa makes it easy to sell your mobile device, with no seller fees.

Selling on Swappa is safe, easy, and free. Swappa has no seller fees (unless you choose to upgrade your listing to be featured) but buyers pay a small sale fee when they buy. (And PayPal charges a fee for all payments.)

To keep Swappa safe we don't allow the sale of junk devices and we review and approve all listings before they can be bought. So all devices listed must meet quality criteria, including having a clean ESN. And we require all listings to have verification photos to prove device ownership. Until a listing is approved it will be pending review for a short time.

On Swappa we use PayPal for payments because they provide extensive buyer and seller protections. For maximum protections you can set your listing to require buyers to have a PayPal confirmed shipping address.

1. Login / Register before you sell...

Login / Register It's quick and easy and you will redirected back to this page.

2. Find your device...

Start by finding the device you selling.

Browse by carrier...

OR Use the Device Finder...

Search using the Device Finder to the right to find your device. »

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3. Create your listing...

Creating a listing is FREE and as simple as filling out a simple form detailing the condition of your device and accessories you are including.

When you create a listing you will be required to supply the device identifier (ESN / IMEI / MEID) for your device. Swappa may validate your device identifier with the carrier or other sources.

Sell with Swappa
4. Get your listings sold...

Share your listing to help get it sold! Tweet it, blog it, share it on Google+ and Facebook.

One great way to get your listing sold quicker is to upgrade it to a featured listing (see below).

5. Get paid, ship it...

When your listing sells you'll be notified by Swappa via email. The email will contain a link to take you to a private sale page where you and the buyer can communicate to complete the sale.

When your listing sells you'll be paid via PayPal immediately. (A listing is not considered sold until you are paid.)

Sell with Swappa

More Information

How do I get paid?

Swappa uses PayPal for buying and selling. PayPal has extensive (and free) protections for buyers and sellers that automatically apply to most Swappa transactions.

When you create a listing you will provide your PayPal email address to be used to collect PayPal payments. You do not necessarily need a pre-existing PayPal account before getting payment, but you will need to create a PayPal account to collect the money via check or your bank account.

Buyers are required to make the PayPal payment to buy your listing. Unlike eBay, you are paid before your device is considered sold. So once your listing is sold, you have been paid and you are responsible for shipping your device to the buyer in a timely manner.

Featured Listings sell faster!

Featured listings sell faster and are more likely to sell.

When you feature your listing:

  • The listing is highlighted and starred to make it stand out and easier to see
  • The listing is tweeted to all the followers of the @swappa Twitter account
  • The listing is set to given a longer life-time, set to expire in 30 days

Your featured listing will look something like this:

Sell with Swappa

To upgrade your listing, just go to view while logged-in and you'll see a button to "Feature Listing"...

Sell with Swappa

Just click the Feature Listing button and you'll be taken to a page that will allow you to upgrade...

To upgrade your listing to featured costs $5.

Why Swappa is better than eBay for selling Android devices...
Safe Shipping Recommendations

Swappa highly recommends the following shipping practices for your protection as seller:

  • Ship to the address the buyer provided with their PayPal payment.
    More information on PayPal's recommendations can be found here.
  • Ship with a tracking number.
    If the package is not received by the buyer, and there is no tracking number, you will usually be held responsible by the buyer and/or PayPal. A tracking number serves as proof that the device as shipped for seller protections.
  • Ship with insurance.
    If the package is lost or delivered damaged to the buyer you will usually be held responsible by the buyer and/or PayPal. Shipping with insurance helps protect you against such unfortunate circumstances.

Please build appropriate shipping costs for tracking and insurance into the cost of your listing.