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Swappa makes it safe and easy to buy a used mobile device.

Buying on Swappa is safe and easy.

It's safe because we don't allow junk devices and we review and approve all listings before they can be bought. The verification process includes running ESN checks and requiring the seller to post verification photos to prove device ownership.

While selling on Swappa is free, buyers pay a small sale fee that is already included in the displayed price.

On Swappa we use PayPal for payments because they provide extensive buyer and seller protections. Many (most) sellers require buyers to have a PayPal confirmed shipping address to buy more maximum protections.

1. Login / Register before you buy...

Login / Register It's quick and easy and you will redirected back to this page.

2. Find the device to buy...

Start by finding the device you are interested in. Then click the Buy button to see all the listings.

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OR Use the Device Finder...

Search using the Device Finder to the right to find your device. »

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3. Browse the listings and choose...

Choose the listing with the device, options and accessories you want. Then click Buy!

Buy with Swappa

Click the Buy Now button towards the top of the page.

Buy with Swappa
4. Pay with PayPal...

Click the Buy Now using PayPal button.

Buy with Swappa

Swappa will setup the transaction for you with PayPal. You don't need a PayPal account, you can just use your credit card if you want.

Buy with Swappa
5. After you pay...

After you buy you will be redirected back to Swappa. You'll be provided a private sale page where you and the seller can communicate and finish the sale.

Buy with confidence and enjoy your new device!

Why Swappa is better than eBay for buying Android devices?
  • Sellers pay less fees, so it's cheaper for you
  • No auctions or complications
  • Don't have to sort through listings with bad ESNs or cracked screens
  • Swappa is simple, eBay is complicated and messy
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