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In Introduction to Swappa for Reddit Users

Please allow this introduction to Swappa in the language of Reddit (memes)...

  • Only fully functional, ready-to-activate Android devices are allowed to be bought and sold on Swappa.
  • Devices with bad ESNs, cracked screens, or water damage are NOT ALLOWED on Swappa.

  • Other online classifieds don't have rules about selling bum devices, it's the buyer's burden to ask.
  • Read how Swappa helps you reduce risks of buying Android devices online.

  • Sellers aren't charged listing fees on Swappa. Buyers pay a $10 flat fee when a device is purchased.
  • That means a $300 device sold on Swappa, for instance, has saved the buyer and seller over $20 in fees compared to eBay.

  • On Swappa your device is considered sold after you are paid, not before.
  • Other online classifieds might consider your listing sold before any money is collected.