Mobile Protection Plan at $5.99/month

Protect your Smartphone, Tablet, or Wearable for Less

70% of people will damage their smartphones this year

Typical smartphone repair costs can exceed $170

Stays with you when you upgrade to a new phone

Sign up or Cancel Anytime.

Protection Plan with Great Benefits

  • Pays for repairs, including parts and labor
  • Accident protection for drops and spills
  • Fixes screens, water damage, power surges
  • Protection up to the full value of your device
  • Fully refundable for 30 days
  • Reasonable $50 administrative fee
  • Renewable and transferable coverage
  • Product registration and verifiction through
    WarrantyLife mobile app

It's okay to change your mind. Protection Plans are fully refundable. Cancel within 30 days to receive a 100% refund.

  • Cracked screen repair
  • Water damage from drops or spills
  • Touchscreen issues
  • Power surge protection
  • Fully refundable for 30 days
  • Mechanical failure covered after 90 days
  • Pays for replacement or repair up to value of device

  • Lost or stolen devices
  • Intentional damage or abuse
  • Battery failure or leakage
  • Pre-existing conditions or damage while shipping
  • Software issues such as viruses or bricking
  • Cosmetic damage not affecting functionality

Claims are easy and start with a phone call or button click. Repairs are made through a local, authorized repair shop or via mail-in with free two-way shipping. Fast and easy fixes.

Smartphone repair can be expensive. Our Protection Plan covers the cost of parts and labor to get your device up and running again. Protect your investment and save money when accidents happen.

Without a protection plan, here’s what you’d pay for some common repairs:

  • Apple iPhone 8 Glass/LCD Replacement
  • Apple iPhone 8 Charging Port Repair
  • Apple iPhone 8 Battery Replacement
  • Apple iPhone XR Screen Repair
  • Apple iPhone XR Charge Port Repair
  • Apple iPhone 11 Screen Repair
  • Apple iPhone 11 Lightning Port Repair
  • Apple iPhone 12 Screen Replacement
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Screen Replacement
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 Charging Port Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Screen Repair
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 Charge Port Repair

Help a family member or friend out - you can also purchase a monthly protection plan even if you didn’t buy your phone from Swappa

Prepaid Protection Program


Protection up to $300


Protection up to $500


Protection up to $1000

Includes all benefits mentioned above

Available only at the time of sale

Plans Available for MacBooks

The prepaid protection program we offer for phones is also available for MacBook purchases.

Read more on MacBook Protection Plans

Terms and Conditions

Please read the Terms and Conditions for the WarrantyLife protection plan being offered for sale by Swappa.

Please note, Enterprise Seller listings are currently not eligible to receive a WarrantyLife Protection Plan

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