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Purchased phone thru swappa, trying to confirm there are still no locks by carriers. How do i see that on your imei checker

Will Verduzco on Swappa
Swappa Staff

Hey there! First off, thank you for shopping on Swappa!

Swappa checks IMEI numbers before listings are approved in order to make sure that phones on our marketplace haven't been reported lost or stolen, or placed on any carrier blocklist. We also make Swappa's Free IMEI checker open to everyone, no strings attached! However, IMEI checks are only a small part of what Swappa does to prevent fraud and ensure that a listing is as described.

In other words, devices bought and sold on Swappa have already had their IMEI / ESN checked, so your phone should have a clean IMEI at the time of purchase and be ready for activation. However, if you are encountering issues with activation and believe the device's status to be the cause, please feel free to reach out to the seller on the sale page and click the "Swappa I need help!" checkbox to alert Swappa staff!

Daniel M. on Swappa
Daniel M.

I understand that you check it. But I don't understand why my phone has a bad imei then. Could the seller have done something after you checked the imei when listed? This phone has no value and need to return it

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