To sign up for a Swappa account, simply visit our account registration page and input a few details (name, email address, and password) to create the account! You're also welcome to use one of our additional registration options through Google, Facebook, Yahoo, or XDA Developers to create an account, but please note that the Swappa account you create will be linked to the email address you currently have tied to the service you use to register.

Once you've created an account and activated it using the automated email we send your way, you can login anytime using our login page. If you don't receive an account activation email (thus preventing you from logging in), and you're unable to find this in your spam or junk mail folder, please reach out to us using our help form for further assistance. Just be sure to use the email address tied to your newly created account when contacting our support team, so we can locate your profile!

If you ever need to reset your password, this can always be done using our reset password form.

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