Swappa is primarily a US-based marketplace, so both selling and buying on Swappa is primarily limited to users in the United States (along with a few Canadian users).

This is due to a number of factors primarily related to limitations in PayPal's protection policies, increased shipping costs, and the extra risk when shipping products internationally. Due to these limitations, please do not pressure a seller into offering international shipping unless this is clearly offered in their listing's description.

If a seller offers international shipping, please ask them questions about additional shipping costs and other relevant details before making a purchase by leaving comments on the listing page.

Buyers using freight forwarding services are also required to ask sellers if they're comfortable with these kinds of shipping arrangements before making a purchase. If the seller is not informed about the use of a forwarding service before purchase, and this results in a failed or canceled sale, this could have a negative effect on the buyer's Swappa account standing.

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