A Trusted Seller is a Swappa user who has been identified by our staff as being especially trustworthy and professional in their dealings.

Trusted Sellers have a special badge and designation listed on their profile, listings, and listing previews. We allow these sellers to use their profile code in place of the standard listing code, so if you notice a listing with mismatched verification codes, be sure to look for the Trusted Seller badge!

We consider Trusted Sellers to be the cream of the crop on Swappa - whether they’ve sold 50 devices or 950 devices. It’s about quality, not quantity. When buyers see the Trusted badge, they know they’re dealing with someone who has been personally vetted by Swappa staff. They know there is an increased likelihood of a smooth transaction. When Swappa staff see the Trusted badge, we know that the transaction will require very little (if any) intervention on our part, even if there is a problem. Put simply, a Trusted Seller makes everybody’s life easier and makes the Swappa experience better for everyone involved.

The following guidelines represent our expectations of a Trusted Seller. At any point, if we feel these expectations are not being met, we reserve the right to revoke the Trusted badge.

A Trusted Seller:

  • Always communicates clearly with respect and courtesy, no matter how difficult the situation.
  • Responds promptly to questions from buyers and staff, and maintains prompt and professional communication throughout the transaction. Generally speaking, we would consider “prompt” to mean a few hours or less, and preferably less in many scenarios.
  • In general, has a “customer is always right” attitude, and will go the extra mile to make things right when necessary and appropriate.
  • Has an extremely low percentage of problematic devices (damaged, financed, blacklisted, etc.).
  • Adheres to our criteria and policies.
  • Creates listings with solid descriptions and quality photos and the appropriate condition.
  • Communicates proactively with Swappa staff. Example: You’re going out of town for a week. Rather than simply disappearing for a week, leaving any pending items unattended, a Trusted Seller will email us ahead of time so we can help determine the best course of action for any active or pending sales.

We typically require a seller to have 50 or more positive feedbacks, along with 6 or more months of history, before reviewing their account for Trusted Seller status, so feel free to reach out to our support team if you'd like us to review your account!

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