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Swappa doesn't like seeing returns, but unfortunately, there are certain times when they're needed. Please note that Swappa does allow our sellers to define their own return policies.

Because Swappa uses PayPal for payments, and they provide the payment protections, PayPal policies for returns take precedent and should be followed.

Here are our standard return instructions:

  • For returns, the seller should provide instructions / address and the phone should be shipped back with tracking and proper insurance. The refund should be processed promptly when the phone is received back.
  • The buyer should provide the ESN / IMEI / MEID of the device they are returning for the seller on the sale page before shipping back. The device should also be properly reset and any private data should be removed before shipping the device back.
  • When shipping the product back, the return tracking number should be provided on the sale page via the "Add Shipment" button.
  • Notify Swappa staff when the device is on the way back and we will cancel out the sale and refund the sale fee (if appropriate).

Here are our policies on covering the cost of return shipping:

  • When an item is to be returned either the buyer or seller will pay return shipping costs.
  • If an item is received in an unusable state (e.g. is blacklisted and/or cannot be activated) and must be returned, the seller is responsible for reimbursing return shipping costs to the buyer to remain in good standing.
  • If an item is returned due to a disagreement in the condition of a device (e.g. good vs. fair), the buyer is typically responsible for covering return shipping costs.
  • Returned items should be shipped with proper tracking and insurance for the buyer's protection.

More policy information can be found on our Market Policies page.

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