Used Phone Protection Plans

Used Phone Protection Plans

Swappa has teamed up with WarrantyLife to offer Used Phone Protection Plans to Swappa buyers. For buyers this is a great way to get protection for accidents like drops and spills and the repair costs they necessitate.

How’s it work? You buy a plan at the same time you buy your device. Then if you have an accident and damage your phone, such as breaking your screen, you use the warranty to get it fixed, usually via a local repair shop. Pretty simple, just like Swappa.

This is a big deal! To our knowledge we’re the only marketplace offering protection plans for used phones (and tablets and laptops likely in the near future).


Protection lasts for 1 year and coverage start on day 1! That means if you drop your phone the day you receive it, and crack the screen, you can get it repaired. (Of course it doesn’t cover pre-existing damage.)

Some things that are covered:

  • Cracked glass and screen repair
  • Water damage from drops or spills
  • Power surge protection
  • Mechanical failure covered after 90 days

Be sure to check out all the details. Some things aren’t covered, such as intentional damage or abuse. Your device is covered for repairs up to the price you paid. So if you buy a $600 phone on Swappa the plan will protect you up to $600 in repair costs.


Protection Plan costs are based on the value of your device because they cover repairs up to the value of your device. Seems pretty logical. Plans start at $50 for devices up to $300 in value. Then $60 up to $500 and $70 up to $1000.

Alternatively, pay just $5.99 per month (no commitments) with our new monthly protection plan.

There is a $50 deductible paid to WarrantyLife, the plan provider, to request a claim and get a repair. Factor in the costs of common repairs, like an iPhone 6S glass/LCD/screen replacement for $199 and these protection plans look like a no-brainer.


This is important: Protection Plans have to be purchased at the time of checkout. Check the box before you click on to PayPal! You can’t buy them later; this is how warranty providers work.

But don’t worry, there is a completely no-hassle 30 day refund and cancellation. So if you change your mind about the plan you can click a button to get an immediate refund. Seriously. Pretty much risk free, the way we like it at Swappa.