Be Kind to Lucas, He Approves Your Listings

Be Kind to Lucas, He Approves Your Listings

Lucas Freeman, Swappa
A lot of companies say that their people are their strongest asset, but we actually mean it. Support is the key to what makes Swappa the best marketplace for gently used devices. You’ve all told us our support is second to none, and we humbly tend to agree. And we owe a lot of that, to this guy.
Lucas is our Director of Support & Staff. Fancy title, eh? Lucas leads our support team through millions and millions of support inquires like, “Can I list this device that was run over by a truck?”, “I hate PayPal, why does Swappa love it?” and “How this work?!”

He graciously responds with a smile and the occasional sip of whiskey, “You can list your flattened device on the Swappa Boneyard. We only allow the best devices on our main marketplace”, “We love PayPal because it’s the best protection for buyers and sellers if something were to go wrong”, and then some well thought out answer about how Swappa works and why that guy should use us.

It’s not an easy job. So we thought we’d show you that there are real people behind those staff comments and emails.

Lucas and Marvel

How’d you get your gig at Swappa? 

I was working in healthcare IT at the time (July 2013), had used Swappa a few times and enjoyed the experience. Reached out to Ben (founder of Swappa) and asked if he needed a hand during the afternoon/weekends. I started working as a part-time moderator while still working my other full-time job. I came on full-time in November of 2013.

You’ve been called out on G+ for having an iPhone. What’s your daily driver?

Yep, my current daily driver is the iPhone 6S Plus. Crazy right??

Lucas has an iPhone

Any tips for successfully working remotely? 

I’ve been remote for nearly five years. Having a “workspace” is by far the most important. Can be a home office or a coffee shop, just somewhere you go when work needs to get done. Having a good playlist helps, too.

Lucas Desk

When you’re not help @ swappa’ing, what else do you? Got any weird obsessions or hobbies? 

I’m a motor head with a few projects: ’66 Ford LTD, ’74 VW Beetle. And Marvel the dog, street biking, and BBQ’ing.

74 VW Beetle

We don’t say thank you enough, Lucas! We’re ridiculously lucky to have you on our team.
Be sure to tell Lucas thanks next time you talk to him. And please be nice, because Swappa ain’t got time for anything less.
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